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Walkathon 2013 (Cards Distribution, CAA Criteria, Forms & Submission info, Walkathon Day, Deadlines)

posted Jul 8, 2013, 7:46 AM by Bek Jun Hao - ZSO
Dear Teachers / Officers In Charge,


SJAB Walkathon can only commence from 27 July 2013.

The cards to respective schools’ General Office as soon as possible however collection can only be done from the above given date.


1)      Cards Distribution


Cards Distribution Record from 2012:


Quantity (Records from 2012)

Boon Lay


Bukit Batok


Clementi Town


Clementi Woods




River Valley


Yuan Ching


ITE (Yishun)



Kindly let me know the quantity which you would like to take for this year by 9 July 2013 (Tuesday).

If there are no reply from respective corps by the given deadline, I will distribute according to the quantity as of the above.  

*Please check that you have received the correct Quantity & Serial Numbers, inform me immediately if any discrepancies are found.  


2)      CAA Criteria


CAA Criteria for Walkathon Fundraising:

11b) Walkathon

Corps Average Collection = Corps Collection / Total Strength



>$20 and <$25

>$15 and <$20

>$1 and <$15









CAA Criteria for Walkathon Participation (Will be held on 27 October 2013):

10b) Walkathon (Based on BF/CAA10z submitted by Zones & verified by NHQ at the Walkathon Day)

(No. of Participants / Corps Strength) x 100%



15% to 35%

1% and <15%









3)      Submission of Walkathon Cards & Donations


Walkathon Cards & Donations are to be submitted to the Zone before 9 October 2013 (Wednesday).


The Walkathon Forms are attached under this announcement:

1) Form A - Summary (Not applicable to Corps) 

2) Form B - Records of Individual Card (Please submit a softcopy & a hardcopy)

3) Form C - Lost Form (If applicable, Please submit ORIGINAL Hardcopy)

**Please read the remarks on the Lost form whether a Police report is required or not. 


Things to note for submission:

a) Calculate total amount of individual cards and record the total amount on the walkathon card with Pen. (Do NOT use pencil)

b) Teachers/Officers are to verify & sign on all walkathon cards. (Empty Distributed cards & Used cards)  

c) Remind your members to refrain the use of Liquid Paper/Correct Tape.

*Any amendments made on the amount are to be countersigned by the teacher/officer.


Checklist to Submit:

1) All Walkathon Cards

2) All donations collected (Submission by cheque is preferred. Cheque to be made payable to : “NATIONAL ST JOHN COUNCIL”)

3) Fill up Form B (To submit in hardcopy as well as softcopy)

4) Lost Form (If have)

* Amount collected tallies with the walkathon cards & Form B

** Donations collected by cheque are to be made payable to “NATIONAL ST JOHN COUNCIL”


4)      Walkathon Day


Walkathon Day will be held on 27 October 2013.

Details on the programme will be emailed to you when date draws nearer. Please refer to the CAA criteria to make necessary arrangements with your members in order to obtain the maximum points.  



5)      Summary of Deadlines

  1. Card Quantity Confirmation – 9 July 2013 (Tuesday)
  2. Commencement of Walkathon Collection – 27 July 2013 (Saturday)
  3. Submission of Donations & Walkathon Cards – before 9 October 2013 (Wednesday)
  4. Walkathon Day – 27 October 2013 (Sunday)


I hope that this email has most of the information needed for the walkathon, nevertheless, further information received from HQ will be email to you subsequently.

As I will be on Maternity Leave from September to end October, you can still contact me if you have any queries, but please allow some time for me to reply or call you back during this period.   


**For submission of walkathon cards & donations to the Zone, you may contact either me or Ms Jinny Seow to make an appointment before the given deadline.


Therefore, I hope to seek your corporation to follow the deadlines given closely.


If you have further queries, please feel free to email or contact me @


Thank you.


Best Regards,

ZSO (3) Jaclyn Loo

Zone Treasurer

Bek Jun Hao - ZSO,
Jul 8, 2013, 7:46 AM