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VAL Applications, Hospital Attachment, Submission of BF18 and BF11‏

posted Aug 9, 2012, 2:14 AM by Bek Jun Hao - ZSO

Dear Sir/Mdm,

On behalf of the Zone Commissioner, we wish all Officers, Teachers and Cadets a very Happy National Day.


1. VAL Applications

2. Hospital Attachment

3. Submission of BF18 through St John Portal

4. Submission of BF11 through St John Portal and Hardcopy

Executive Summary

Details for each of the items will be found in the attached file.

1. VAL Applications are now open. Interested Corps may give the names of your VAL candidates to me and we will advise you accordingly.


2. Corps are to nominate 6 members for practical attachment at Changi General Hospital during the year-end school holidays.


3. With regard to the upcoming Brigade General Inspection (2 Sep 2012), Secondary School Corps are to submit their BF18 through the St John Portal. (By 2 Sep 2012)There is no requirement to submit any hardcopy BF18.

Adult Corps i.e. ITE will still submit hardcopy BF18 signed by the OIC.

4. With regard to the First Aid Re-Examination, Secondary School Corps will submit their BF11 through the St John Portal as well as a hardcopy BF11. (By 1 Oct 2012)

ITE will continue to submit a hardcopy BF11.

The Zone Secretary will arrange for the BF11 to be signed off by the Examiner.


Mode of Submission of Hardcopy Documents

1. Via snail mail to the below address: (preferred mode of submission)

Matthew Chua
St John Ambulance Brigade Zone 9
(Mailbox No. 9)
420 Beach Road
Singapore 199582

2. Via Zone 9’s mailbox at NHQ (Mailbox No. 9, this is at the lowest left hand corner of the mailboxes at NHQ)

3. Scanned hardcopy to my email address


Matthew Chua CMSJ
Zone Superintendent (Admin) 
St John Ambulance Brigade Zone Nine
HP: 91770803
Bek Jun Hao - ZSO,
Aug 9, 2012, 2:34 AM