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Submission of BFA for Heart Saver Badge Applications

posted Dec 8, 2013, 12:41 AM by Bek Jun Hao - ZSO   [ updated Dec 8, 2013, 12:42 AM ]

Dear officers,

This is to clarify the questions asked pertaining to the application for Heart Saver Badge, since implementation on 1st October 2013.

We all know that since mid-2012, the Heart Saver Courses were no longer conducted.

In order to continue with this badge, we have collaborated with the First Aid and Life Support Committee on the award of the Heart Saver Badge.  Hence, the agreement is to award the cadet with the Heart Saver badge if he/she has attended and passed the Basic First Aid (BFA) Course, with inclusion of the CPR and Choking Management assessed as part of the examination (practical).  We have also discussed with the FALS Committee on past year’s submission or forms that have already been submitted.

As in our culture, all BFAs must be completed in September in order for the member to be considered efficient for the current year, we will be handling two types of applications:

1.     Current Year BFA Submission (January 2013 to date)

To apply for the Heart Saver badge, the BFA Examination Form is to be submitted.  Please ensure that the BFA Examination Form (see attached for sample) must indicate clearly that the cadet(s) had passed the necessary components for the BFA, inclusive of CPR and Choking Management in order to qualify for the badge.

2.     Past Year’s BFA Submission (up to December 2012) – and not awarded Heart Saver Badge previously

In this case, as the cadets have already obtained the BFA certification, and this helps them in their revision of the two core skills as a first aider/first responder, schools can include CPR and Choking Management as part of the Annual Re-Examination.  The results of Annual Re-Examination (BF11 Form signed by the examiner) will be used to submit as a supporting document to apply for this badge.

For the two different option, we trust the professionalism and integrity of our officers, that the assessment has been conducted for the cadets who attended the BFA course and have sat for the examinations accordingly.  Should there be any discrepancies found, we reserve the rights to disqualify the cadets from the badge and the record will be removed.  The badge certificate retained by the cadet(s) will then be considered null and void.

I have discussed with Mr Chua and Mr Eric Lee (Commissioner, FALS Committee) and we have agreed that both CPR and Choking Management are the core skills that a cadet with BFA certification should have and be refreshed through Annual Re-Examination.  Hence, we will go towards this direction for the award of this badge.

From 2014, we just need to advise, as a CPB officer, to our respective Zone Training Officer and the First Aid Examiners, to include CPR and Choking Management as mandatory items in the Basic First Aid Examination clearly in order to attain win-win situation, to attain BFA certificate and Heart Saver badge.

We hope the above is clear and in order.

Thank you very much!