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Submission of BFs 1 and CAA, Nomination for Long Service Medals‏

posted Dec 17, 2011, 9:15 PM by Bek Jun Hao - ZSO   [ updated Dec 17, 2011, 9:16 PM ]

Dear All Officers / TIC,

On behalf of the Zone Commissioner, Dy Zone Commissioner and Zone Superintendents, I wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2012 and hope that the year ahead will be a good one for all of us in all aspects of our lives.

We would like to highlight the following housekeeping matters for your attention:

1. Submission of BFs 1 and CAA


Bear in mind that this year, the submission of BF1 and CAA will be through the St John Portal  ( Secondary School Corps.

The CAA9 (Strength Report) has to be submitted ASAP.

Deadline for submission of BF1 and CAA through the St John Portal: Sunday 15 January 2012, 2000hrs


Bear in mind the following forms are to be submitted: 

CAA Forms


2) Public Duty (BF/CAA2) (Enter the public duty details, check the Certification Box and Submit)

3) Cadet Proficiency Badges (BF/CAA3) (As data are extracted from the CPB Database, if there is no error in the figures, just check the Certification Box and click the ‘SUBMIT’box)

4) Participation in Corps/Zone/NHQ Activities (BF/CAA4) (Enter the Corps & Zone/HQ activities details, check the Certification Box and Submit)

5) Corps Training Attendance (BF/CAA8) (Enter the training attendance details, check the Certification Box and Submit)

6) Corps Strength Report (BF/CAA9) (Cadets who are leaving the school at the end of 2011 should also be included in the Corps strength. As data are extracted from the system, ifthere is no error in the figures, just check the Certification Box and click the ‘SAVE’ box).*priority goes to this item as NHQ requires it to be submitted asap


SJAB Brigade Forms 


1) BF 1 Form (Complete the form including Appendix A, B & C, Check the Certification Box and Submit

IMPORTANT: For BF1, please note that in order to be considered efficient, every Brigade Officer, Adult Member and Cadet has to clock minimum 30 Duty Hours and 12 Corps Meetings every year, in addition to pass the Annual Re-Examination (as reflected in BF11) and attended the Annual Inspection (as reflected in BF18).

Adult Corps will still submit the BF1 through hardcopy.


Deadline for submission of BF1 (3 Copies): Sunday 15 January 2012, 2000hrs


The following modes of submission are available:

a. To the Zone 9 Mailbox at NHQ

b. Scanned softcopy to my email address

2. Application for Long Service Medals


All application for Long Service Medals (5 years, 10 years and above) are to  be submitted to me through email by Saturday 21 January 2012, 2000 hrs. Late applications will not be entertained.


For Corps Officers and members, applications are to be submitted through BF 4 through the Corps Superintendent / Liaison Officer / Secretary and accompanied by the member's first gained Basic First Aid / Adult First Aid certificate. Those who lack this document are to write to me separately.


For this year and subsequent years, eligible Zone Staff Officers will have received a note from me to that effect. If you consider yourself eligible but have not received any note from me, kindly inform me by 14 January 2012. Otherwise, we will not be responsible should you not be awarded your Long Service Award in 2012.

3. Promotion Exercise 2012

We will further apprise all Corps on the procedure for next year's promotion exercise once the Zone Promotion Board has finalised the details.


Matthew Chua CMSJZone
Superintendent (Admin)
HP: 91770803