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Registration for Knowledge of the Order of St John Online Assessment (Oct / Nov 2012)(updated (2))

posted Sep 7, 2012, 4:28 PM by Bek Jun Hao - ZSO   [ updated Oct 8, 2012, 9:05 AM ]

Dear Teachers / Officers,

Kindly note that the NCO Course Theory Phase will be held on 3 & 4 November (2D1N stay-in), you can decide whether to opt for the Online Assessment organised by HQ.  The available test dates are 5 to 9 November.


The registration is still on and will close on 22 October (including payment).  You are encouraged to sign up for your students to take the test.  Otherwise, they will have to wait till next year (March 2013) to take the test.  If you have already registered for the test, you can register for this group of students who are taking the test.


If there is not enough time to go down to HQ to make payment, you can inform HQ (copy to Mr Yong – our Zone Commissioner) to opt for Internal Fund Transfer.  The test fee will be deducted from our corps fund managed at HQ.  If you wish to top-up the corps fund after the deduction for this test, do seek advice from our Zone Commissioner on the procedures.


For any further enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact me at



Colin Ting

CPB / NYAA Officer

St John Ambulance Brigade

Zone Nine

Dear Teachers and officers,

Kindly note that the registration for knowledge of the order of St John Online Assseement (Oct / Nov 2012) will end in less than a month.

Teachers and officers who have yet to register could do so as per announcement below. You could do it after the zone has finalised the lesson date on KOTO during the NCO course (will be informed), so as to help with your decision on the test date which you would like to choose.

Kindly ensure the availability of your school's computer lab before choosing the date and time for the test, and once the date/time has been confirmed, it could not be changed.

Thank you

best regards


Dear teachers and officers,



With the successful implementation of the Knowledge of the Order of St John Online Assessment held in Term 3 Week 10, NHQ hereby launch the next round of the assessment, to be held in Term 4 (October & November).


The dates of the assessment are as follows:

Oct 29, 30 31

Nov 2, 3, 5 to 9


The timeslots for each test will be as follows:

1.     2pm to 3pm

2.     3pm to 4pm

3.     4pm to 5pm

4.     5pm to 6pm


We understand that the Term 4 holidays may have started early but taking into account that many schools will begin their extended term for certain levels, and in order for easy monitoring of the system during the test, we have to stick to the current timeslots in order not to disrupt the extended lessons that are held in schools.  Hence, students who are not involved in the extended will have to make the trip to school in the afternoon to take the test.  We hope schools can understand.


The registration for the Knowledge of the Order of St John will commence on 14 September (Friday) and will end on 22 October 2012.  All registration information will be published in the CPBS website (  All procedures remain unchanged.  All payment (cheque/cash/IFT) must reach HQ by 22 October 2012.  Delays in payment will result in their bookings being cancelled.

Registration of the Online Assessment will be via the Integrated Portal, Assessment Management.  The URL is


NHQ requires schools to check the particulars of the students records (especially the NRIC) in the current St John Portal (CPB Module), by 12 September 2012, 2300hrs.  After this date/time, the records will be uploaded to the Online Assessment Module for registration purposes.  We hope to seek school’s cooperation to minimize errors.
Colin Ting
CPB / NYAA Officer
St John Ambulance Brigade
Zone Nine