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NCO Course Syllabus 2012

posted Aug 15, 2012, 1:44 AM by Bek Jun Hao - ZSO
Dear Teachers and Officers

This year NCO course is restructuring the syllabus to make the content more relevant and practical to the cadets. In the nutshell, we will like the cadets to learn something useful and practical so they are able to help their corps when they graduate from NCO Course.

Some problems faced by the schools:
1) Lack of instructors to manage the corps operations.
2) Doesn't have a proper administrative system 
3) Doesn't have the manpower to train cadets in committee tasks
4) Doesn't have training materials

In order to arrest these problem. We will like to start on a few fundamental task which is to 

1) standardize the forms across Zone 9 
2) standardize the First Aid lecture slides

so that in NCO course, we will teach them how to put the materials to use. After the restructure, students and teachers can go to our Zone 9 website and download the forms and template to use. In this manner, forms can be properly pass down from one generation to another. 

In the course, we will be teaching them on how to:

1) Write an agenda. (Format can be download from Zone 9 website)
2) Write minutes (Format can be download from Zone 9 website)
3) Attendance (Format can be download from Zone 9 website)
4) Excuse Letters (Format can be download from Zone 9 website)
5) First Aid Kit Check list
6) Public Duty Record Hours
7) Registration of Duties
8) Public Duty Report
9) Stock take record form
10) Loan form
11) Collection of money
12) Weekly Training Program
13) Term Training Program
14) MOI First Aid (Lecture slides can be found on Zone 9 website)

These documents/points stated above will be downloadable from our Zone 9 website in the near future. Cadets will be taught how to use them during the NCO Course. In the nutshell, after students graduate from Advance NCO Course, they can facilitate the teachers and Officers in writing minutes and agenda, taking proper attendance and stocks and also in teaching first aid with proper slides and teaching capability.

In order to minimise inconvenience, we will like all schools to send us their existing forms they are using in their corps so that we can look through and consolidate the needed details and format and schools will have minimise the changes they have to undertake. 

We request all corps to send in their respective forms, first aid slides and others forms which you think will be beneficial to the other corps by end of August.

Thank you.

Mr Ang Ding Jun
Zone Training Officer