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Flag Day Tins & Labels Distribution

posted Nov 17, 2014, 10:15 PM by Bek Jun Hao - ZSO
Dear Teachers/Officers In Charge,

Flag Day Tins & Labels Distribution

Please note that All Tins, Labels and Stickers were delivered to All Schools’ General Office on Friday 14 Nov 2014.

Please check that you have received the correct number of tins and labels.

(No specific quantity for stickers.)



No. of tins & Labels

Serial No.

Boon Lay


2654 – 2753

Bukit Batok


2364 – 2383

Clementi Town


2384 – 2403

Clementi Woods


2404 – 2423



2494 – 2553

River Valley


2554 – 2653

Yuan Ching


2424 – 2453

ITE Central


2454 - 2493


If there are any discrepancies, please inform me immediately.


Flag Day (22 November 2014Saturday)

For Flag Day, the Teacher In Charge/Corps Officers will decide on the venue, attire & the time for the members. Please do note that the Bottom of the tins break easily if the tins are too heavy.  

**Kindly take note that no collections should be done in any MRT Stations, Shopping Malls etc at ALL Times.  

I have attached the COLLECTORS' CERTIFICATE OF COLLECTION under the file name 'CCA Flag Day 2014'. You may print it and issue it to your volunteers.

>> Return of Tins & Labels to HQ

ALL Tins & Labels MUST be returned to HQ on the same day, details as follows:

Venue: SJAB HQ – Level 1 (Room 2)

Time: 4pm to 5pm (If you want to return earlier, please let me know in advance.)

You may keep the leftover stickers.

Please put the tins & labels in the carton boxes given and DO NOT write anything on the carton boxes. You may print/write on a paper and paste on the box.



Zone 9

Boon Lay Secondary School

40 Tins with Labels


Ctn Box : 1 of 2



Counting Day (23 November 2014Sunday)

Every Corps are required to send at least 2 volunteers to count the donations collected.

The Hall will be quite congested on that day as all 10 Zones will be counting their collections there. Please try to look for Zone 9 designated area.

 Venue: SJAB HQ (Level 3 Hall) - Air conditioned

Time: 7.30am to 11.30pm

Attire: Anything Comfortable

Report to me to collect your tins and labels for counting.  


I have also attached documents for your reference(You do not need to print it):

a) Form A and B for Zone 9 (Please read the notes given in Form B before you come)

b) Form C


Counting & Submission of Donations and Labels Please Note the following:

You need not count individual tins.

If you want to count individual tins, you may do so. However, I seek your corporation to come earlier as there are limited chairs, tables and space.   


Things to bring

- Calculator



-Pen Knife


a. Labels

- Arrange according to the serial number in ascending order (Smallest number on top)

- Ensure all Labels details are filled, including unused ones.

b. Notes & Coins

- For Notes, sort them by denominations then old and new notes. DO NOT Fold the notes. Get rubber bands from me.

- For Coins, just sort out the foreign coins. All Local coins including old coins to be put in the bag no need to count unless you want to have a record yourself. Get the bag from me.

- Please read Form B for more detail information



Corps Achievement Awards Guide

10. Participation in Brigade Activities

Item Max

a)     Flag Day

Participation rate = No. of participants ÷ (Sec 3 cadets) x 100%

(For year 2014 only as Flag Day is in Nov 14)



<  50%









11. Fundraising Projects


a)     Flag Day

Corps Average = Corps collection/(Sec 3 cadets)

(For year 2014 only as Flag Day is in Nov 2014)


>$25 and <$30

>$15 and <$25

>$1 and <$15











I appreciate all of your time and effort for this event.

Thank you.

Best Regards,
Jaclyn Loo CMSJ
Zone Treasurer
St John Ambulance Brigade Zone Nine
Mobile: 90270980
Bek Jun Hao - ZSO,
Nov 17, 2014, 10:15 PM