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Booking of SANA Course (October 2013)

posted Aug 21, 2013, 8:04 AM by Bek Jun Hao - ZSO

Dear teachers and officers,

The October 2013 SANA Course will be open for booking on 6 September (from 8am).  As the booking for SANA Course is still ongoing, we wish to avoid confusion.


All bookings will be made via the St John Portal, Activity Management.


The dates and maximum number of seats available are as follows:


1.     28 October (max 300 pax)

2.     29 October (max 200 pax)

3.     30 October (max 150 pax)


Corps Staff Officers who are serving the schools, please note that as the course is held at the start of Term 4 holidays, please consult your TICs before making any bookings on behalf of the cadets/school. Based on my knowledge, some schools allow students to be excused from extended term to attend courses organized by UG HQ.  Extended term refers to the normal school days until the start of primary school holidays (or earlier) while the Sec 4E/5N begin their O level examinations (starting from 21 October).  Some schools have their extended term only for the Sec 3s while some have it for all levels.  Please check with your TICs before making any decisions.


Officers in the NCO Course Committee (seconded in Training Department), if you wish to tap on the SANA Course as part of the NCO Course (this is considered part of character development), please liaise with me directly.




Colin Ting, CMSJ

CPB / NYAA Officer

St John Ambulance Brigade, Zone Nine