About Zone Nine

Our History...dates back to 1st January, 1978...
With the approval of the then Chief Commissioner, the late Dr S. R. Sayampanathan, the Ritachuan Corps, Jurong Town Corps and Golden Mile Corps were combined to form the Jurong Area on 1st January 1978.
On 1st September 1978, there was a major restructuring of the St John Ambulance Brigade, Singapore where the initial Corps were dissolved and the Five Areas were reshufled and formed four Districts (A, B, C and D) and within the Districts were divided to ten Areas (1 to 10).
Under the leadership of Mr Lee Kok Hui and his group of dedicated officers, Area Nine progressed rapidly in the 1980s and became one of the premier Areas in the Brigade.  In 1990, Mr Lee Kok Hui was promoted to the National Headquarters as the Chief Cadet Officer.  Mr Chua Wee Kwang took over as the Area Commissioner while Mr Goh Kiah Tian was promoted to Area Superintendent.
In 1996, another major change in the structure of the St John Ambulance Brigade in Singapore took place.  The District level was removed.  Areas were restructured and renamed as Zone and came under the direct command of the National Headquarters.  Training Centres (or Divisions) were renamed as Corps.  With the new structure, Zone Nine continued their excellent service such as public duty, annual blood donations and senior citizen gatherings.

In 2014, St John in Singapore reached a new chapter when it was elevated to the status of a Priory.  Becoming a Priory gives St John Singapore an opportunity to contribute to the Grand Council within the Order of St John.  The inauguration ceremony of the Priory of Singapore was officiated by the Lord Prior of St John on 14 January 2014.  Dr Teh Peng Hooi was installed at the Prior of the Priory of Singapore.

To align with the theme “One St John” within the Order of St John, St John in Singapore was renamed St John Singapore in 2015.